A funky coffee with tasting notes of grapefruit & green apples with winey finish. A little goes a long way.


Cofinet & Sebastian Gomez is known to farm exotic varieties at La Divisa. Gomez cultivates Castillo, Variedad, pink bourbon. orange bourbon and many more. Each harvest, he pushes his limitless creativity and tenancity to produce one of the best tasting and florishing coffees. Leap frogging colombia to be no.1, in our opinion.


Only the ripest fruits are picked and hand sorted. Cherries are placed into plastic tanks, sitting in carbon dioxide with removal of oxygen. This aids bacteria in fermenting the fruits. After the fermentation is done, the cherries are placed on raised beds to dry. All this creates crazy depths of sweetness, unexplainable aromas and flavours.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you


ORIGIN : Colombia

FARM : Finca La Divisa

PRODUCER : Sebastian Gomez

VARIETAL : Orange Bourbon

PROCESSING : Carbonic Meceration

M.A.S.L. : 1800m


PROFILE : Grapefruit, Green Apples, Winey

AMOUNT : 200g


Remember! Tasting notes are just opinions!

Colombia // Seb. Gomez // Orange Bourbon