A unique brazil that is clean & polished with flavours of papaya & almonds. Honey sweetness with genmaicha / green tea finish. 


Produced by the Edinei Family, a naturally processed Red Bourbon was grown in the region or Santa Rita De Caldas, South of Minas Gerais, which sits at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level.


It was recently that Edinei and his eldest son, Eduardo, decided to give coffee a chance again, but now aiming at quality. However, about 45 years ago, Edinei's father decided to cut everything off and raise cattle. In the 1980s, the coffee industry did not provide money for the family.


Most producers in the region are smallholders who operate family farms and the region is differentiated by the unique terrain and the terroir it leads to in the cup. Coffees from Edinei reflects both the place itself and the committed work of its producers.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you


ORIGIN: Brazil

FARM : Sítio Três Barras

PRODUCER : Edinei Family

VARIETAL : Red Bourbon


M.A.S.L. : 1200m


PROFILE : Papaya, Almonds, Green Tea

AMOUNT : 200g


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Brazil // Edinei #1 // Natural