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A Rwanda special that is big on flavour & sweetness. Bold juicy flavours of apples & oranges, long finish with brown sugar sweetness.


Umurage translates to “Heritage” in Kinyarwandan. Umurage sits at 1800m above sea level, overlooking vibrant green hills and rich red earth. This coffee washing station ("CWS") services about 463 local producers in total, who deliver fresh cherry daily during the harvest period. This coffee was processed and separated as a “day lot” – meaning all of the cherries that were picked and delivered on a single day were processed together to produce this lot.


Coffees at Umurage are processed with care and attention, resulting in exceptional clarity and cleanliness in the cup. All of the water used at the washing station are clean, due to the sites close proximity to the Nyungwe Rainforest and River Nile. Used water from the Umurge is filtered using a water sanitation system to remove all contaminants before being reintroduced to the local ecosystem.


At Epiphanie's washing station, coffee is harvested and processed with care and production standards are kept at the highest possible level. At the end of each season, any surplus profits are shared with the producers and washing station managers.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you.


ORIGIN : Rwanda

FARM : Kigoma Sector, CWS Lot 2

PRODUCER : Epiphanie Mukashyaka

VARIETAL : Red Bourbon


M.A.S.L. : 1800m


PROFILE : Apple, Orange, Brown Sugar

AMOUNT : 200g


Remember! Tasting notes are just opinions!

Rwanda // Buf Umurage // Natural

Excluding Tax
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