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A brillant coffees with tasting notes of red fruits and honey-like sweetness. When brewed, it is texturally brillant with hints of chinese tea, oolong, dates as well. 


This coffee is produced and co-managed by Mr Li & Ms Na. These producers are no stranger to producing quality and quantity. While handling coffees processing as well as showcasing on "Best of Yunnan" competition, the Fuyan Farm manages 7 tons of specialty-grade teas as well.


The process menthod of this coffee is clinical. The washed coffee have 50% of its mucilage removed, followed by dry fermentation over 10 days. The natural coffees is traditionally dried over a patio for 8 days. The coffee is then mixed.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you


ORIGIN : Menglian, Yunnan, South China

FARM : Washing Station of Fuyan

PRODUCER : Mrs Na & Mr Li

VARIETAL : Catimor


M.A.S.L. : 1400m


PROFILE : Red Cherry, Apple, Strawberry

AMOUNT : 200g


Remember! Tasting notes are just opinions!

Yunnan // Fuyan // Catimor

Excluding Tax
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