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The Mesina stands out amongst all other Ethiopia coffees. Unlike the delicate flavours of the Haru Suke, Mesina cups a heavier body with a long finish. Notes of chamomile with citrus acidity. Honey sweetness rounds off the coffee.


A great early morning brew for the discerning gentleman

This exceptional Natural coffee was dry milled and exported by Primrose, PLC.


The Guji region prized for its long genealogy. Due to its microclimates, the coffees are widely recognised for its flavour profile & quality. Farming methods holds true to its tradition, with intercrop agriculture methods and minimal pesticides or fertilisers.


Due to size of land, harvest & post-harvest are handpicked and few tasks are mechanised.


However, it remains a specialty coffee darling for its incredible variety of flavours.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you.


ORIGIN : Ethiopia, Guji

FARM : Muje Mesina

PRODUCER : Primrose S.P. PLC

VARIETAL : Local Landraces, JARC 74 Selections


M.A.S.L. : 2000m


PROFILE : Chamomile, Citrus, Honey

AMOUNT : 200g


Remember! Tasting notes are just opinions!

Ethiopia // Muje Mesina // Natural

Excluding Tax
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