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Mr.Cuddles was concocted to be versatile & approachable. As an espresso, it is sweet, syrupy & well balanced with great body. An espresso will give you dark chocolates. With milk, it cups a rich creamy body with aromas of chocolates & roasted almonds.


Brazil - Samambaia is nestled in the cool green hills of Sul de Minas. With ideal conditions, it produces quality brazil beans year after year. The owner, Henrique Dias Cambraia, attributes his quality to a combination of various factors, the farm’s geographic location; competent technical management of the plantations, with individualized phytosanitary controls of the planting fields; constant training based on total quality control programs; and, most importantly, the involvement of the whole team that works on the farm. Committed to producing high quality coffee with farming that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.


Guatemala - San Augustin is located on the east slopes of Antigua Valley, which ranges across hills at 1600 to 1800 MASL. Its rich, soil combined with humidity of its cool microclimate helps coffee grown here to achieve a unique and clean flavor profile. The plantation is covered with Grevillea shade trees, allowing the coffee trees just the right amount of light during the different stages of their development throughout the year and promoting slow, even cherry maturation, making for a sweeter cup.


Under the Alfaro family, their supervision and agricultural skills, processing infrastructure of Santa Clara mill, has made San Agustin’s coffees into the best that the region has to offer. 


The Guatemala refreshes  with nectarine and apples. The Brazil adds structure of dark chocolates and nuts, giving Mr.Cuddles that favorite comfort coffee that we crave, everyday.


Each component is ethically sourced & embraces the beauty of seasonality. 



Milk chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts with a big syrupy body. 



Brazil  |   Guatemala



Brazil - Fazenda Samambaia, Sul de Minas, Pulped Natural

Guatemala - San Augustin, Ahuachapan, Fully Washed

Mr.Cuddles // Espresso

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