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A well-rounded coffee with tasting notes of hibiscus & mulberry tea, followed by white grapes. If brewed well, the cup is an adventure. The evolution from hot to cool, is an adventure. As it tasting notes become more apparent and changes as it cools down. 


This coffee is produced by Mr Ou, located in the Pu-er mountains of Yunnan region. Prior to being globally accepted and sort-after, O-yang coffee farm worked closely with Square Mile Coffee, UK in 2017. Its efforts have been fruitful and has produce sustainable quality coffees for the specialty coffee industry.


The coffees are hand-picked, bagged for 3 days. After that, it is spread out to dry until 40% moisture content and then bagged for 5 days. This creates his unique "double-fermentation" process. Once the double fermentation process is completed, it is left on dry raised beds in a parabolic dryer for another 28 days. The effort and time required has produced a coffee that is brust with red fruit flavours yet subtly with its acidity, sweetness and body.


Thoughtfully roasted upon order & delivered to you


ORIGIN :, Pu-er Mountains, Yunnan, South China

FARM : O-Yang Farm


VARIETAL : Catimor


M.A.S.L. : 1300m


PROFILE : Hibiscus, Mulberry Fruit, White Grape

AMOUNT : 200g


Remember! Tasting notes are just opinions!

Yunnan // Ou Yang // Catimor

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